Thursday, 9 December 2010

A Legacy.

I've started a new legacy.
I'm trying so hard on this one and I'd love for you to read/follow/comment on it!
Here is the first chapter:
1.0 - A New Beginning, A Fresh Start

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Tudor Cottage + Sorry!

Sorry I haven't updated or made any posts in a long time... I've been extra busy with work and stuff - I haven't had much time for the sims!!
But I managed to make a house today that I'm going to upload to Mediafire once I work out how to use it... (sorreee, again!)
Here it is, anyway.
I'm quite proud of it actually, since I am no builder. It was obviously styled to be like a Tudor house :)
I couldn't be bothered to go round and take pictures of the inside - you can see some of it through the windows though, lol.
I am still working on the Chinese house btw, but it's taking longer than expected with trying to tour it and what not.
But it will happen - eventually!!
So, yeah.
I'll notify everyone when the house is finally available to download.
Bub-baiiiii ;D

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Your Opinion :D

What do you think of this house?
It's not finished, obviously, but I was just wondering what you thought. xD
I based it on this:

I got proportions a little wrong, and I'm not finished furnishing inside, but please comment on this. I'm no builder, so there is no need to tell me that. But I was just... wondering.
I made it for a 'city house' in Late Night, all modern and stuff.
Tell me if you would download it? That might not happen though, unless I work out Mediafire. So...
Please tell me what you think.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

I Can't Do It <:S

I can't figure out how to put all my cc back into the game - help anyone?


Paparazzi :)

Here's that paparazzi picture. Remember me telling you about the paps and how they kept photographing my two-star sim? Example above, and oh yes, I figured out how to do bigger pictures :)
I think it's quite cool, and you can do stuff like 'Draw Attention' by clicking on the paps and choosing that option. That makes them point at themselves to make them take photographs.
I find it funny when this happens :D
Anyways, I also worked out how to take photos and put them on this blog without having to do screenshots: basically I just find the folder in the sims 3 file labelled 'Screenshots', find the picture I want and copy it into my pictures folder.
I know, I know. How could I have not known that before? I've already explained, I'm slow with that kind of thing. I thought that the picture only got saved into the launcher and then you got ahold of the picture by uploading it onto the website, but luckily not, and now I can have high-resoluton pictures without any stupid boxes and stuff xD
Result ;]

EDIT;; Whoops, the photo is too big and covers the text. Oh well ^.^ I'm not having tiny pictures.
Oh, and I also figured out the video thing as well. Look at my previous post of some videos of my sims in a band xD

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Videos :)

Videos of my band in Late Night <3 Hope this works.
Maybe I can show you things through this now ;o

At Last ^.^

As you know, I received Late Night just earlier today. I'm still so happy, LOL :)
The game is really good, but I guess I haven't played it enough (pfffft. I played it like, six hours non-stop. Or was it seven?) to give a full review.
The patch worked perfectly for me and I even managed to get the update - all I had to do was uninstall all my custom content before updating. Obviously I backed it all up, though.
Although, I'm not sure whether to install it all again. I mean, it was CC that fudged up my game in the first place. Plus my game was filled with glitch and virus cc's, the type that make babies look deformed and weird, with naked parts above their heads and six arms.
The only thing I would want back are the hairstyles and clothes and maybe a bit of furniture. Nothing else really. I'm just... not sure. I might go through each one of them, installing them one by one and deleting any virus/glitchy cc that I find.
Anyways, on with Bridgeport :)
Bridgeport. Sorry I only got one photo of the actual world, but I was so caught up in the game that I forgot ^.^ But isn't it beautiful? I love the city life ;) Oh, and sorry I can't get a bigger picture, I can't work out how to do it.
Meh coolio band practising at home in their apartment. Yes, they are all vampires :) The one playing guitar is my own simmeh, and the other two are pre-mades; Tom Bling, my sim's (Melanie Goldrush's) husband, and then a pre-made vampire called... Something Slayer. I can't remember her first name but it began with an E, and they are best friends :) I since then added another band member, one of the Hemlock's - Wogan's sister, I believe, although I've forgotten her name as well ^.^ Sorreh.
My band performing at one of the local clubs. I managed to get into most of the clubs, even the really-exclusive ones when Melanie became a vampire. Usually the bouncer just lets vampires right on through, which is kinda cool, because Melanie only had two celebrity stars at the time, and had been denied access before she changed into a vampire. Oh, and I was a LITTLE disappointed with the whole club thing - unless the bar is a Hot Spot (which only adds about two extra sims) then it is basically you and maybe a couple of your friends that you invited along actually inside, besides the bouncers and bartenders. Also, The Bonsai Rooms (I think that's the name of it...) is ALWAYS empty. Seriously. There are never any other sims inside it, even five-star celebrities, although I haven't actually bumped into any of those yet.
Oh, and I also found a hidden bar in the graveyard. I sent my Slayer sim to the graveyard and there she saw another vampire (a.k.a. the blonde one dancing with the dude in the previous picture. Turns out Melanie turned her into a vampire. Neat. ^.^) who went into this building hidden at the back of the graveyard, down loads of steps and into the bar. There is a bartender and you can get drinks like normal down there, but there will usually be no one there, and it is (I think) only open very late at night and in the early hours of the morning. The bartender came off duty around... ooh, 4 or 5am, that's why he's not in the picture. Although Slayer is and so is the blonde vampire, whose name I've forgotten (This seems to be a trending topic LOL).
Anyways, the bar is apparantly made for vampires as there is one of them coolio (ohyess, coolio) vampire hover-bed thingys and MAYBE the bartender is also a vampire, although I'm not sure.
I don't know if anyone has found this yet, probably. I just felt like it and I usually just explore at sims 3 graveyards as they are an interest of mine, for some STRANGE reason. LOL, I just like looking at the ghosts ;)
Blonde vampire hovering/sleeping on the vampire bed.
Close-up of Blondie here. I loves her fangs and eyes. They look almost pink, which is weird because with almost every vampire I meet they have different coloured eyes. Slayer has red, Melanie has whiteish-silver, Tom has gold, etc. I'm not sure what decides this, it's probably just random LOL.
Overall, I absolutely love the vampires. It's a little bit annoying having to wait two whole sim days for them to transform, but I think it's worth it. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the vampires on the hunt, LOL. It seems with every sim Melanie drinks from, I turn them into a vampire.
Oh, and sidenote, if your sim is a celebrity, then don't make them drink from another sim in public, as someone will see you and 'bad press' or whatever will go around the neighbourhood. So basically, it's like celebrity gossip. Although you can sue them at the city hall and often you get 1,000 simoleons as compensation, and that also gets rid of the bad moodlet. I guess all publicity is good publicity ;]
Also, paparazzi will sometimes randomly show up if your sim is (usually) higher than one or two celebrity stars. They just follow you around and take random pictures, and sometimes write things down in a notebook. I wish I'd gotten a picture of this though, it was rather humerous ;)
Omigosh, I'm writing an essay here. More on Late Night... later, as I will most definitely be playing it for hours and hours for the next... month. Probably more.
I haven't decided yet ;]
If you read all the way to end, then I LOVE you, and I'm your new number one fan :D.
Comment please!
Bub-baii :)